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Current Release

Release 2.2.0

Exciting Updates Await! In response to popular demand, we’ve enriched Spaces with the Media Center, Career Opportunities, Companies and Services, and Fundraising Initiatives. Enhance user connections with improved location fields using Google Maps. Enjoy greater flexibility in the Media Center with link additions. Simplify sign-ups with Social Sign-Up (SSO) options like LinkedIn, Apple, and Twitter. Chat and Messaging improvements include group message names, message editing, and direct access to unread messages. Deleting Spaces is now possible, and status updates for “Away” or “Do Not Disturb” are available. Enjoy smooth Feed scrolling and other intuitive improvements, bug fixes, and enhancements for an optimized user experience. Embrace these enhancements and elevate your Networked journey!

Past Release

Release 2.0.0

We are excited to present our latest update, featuring a range of enhancements to improve your Networked experience. The new Invite Link feature streamlines community invitations with customizable settings. Take charge of content moderation using the Content Approval Process. Easily search for posts on Feed pages, and receive notifications on the vertical menu for new activity within Spaces. Companies and Services showcase receives a significant revamp, and Fundraising Initiatives allow diverse fundraising opportunities. UI/UX improvements, bug fixes, and faster load speeds further elevate the platform.

Past Release

Release 1.3.0

This update focused on improving load speeds, bug fixes, and other optimizations. Our next update will include highly anticipated new features and functionality. Please enjoy and have a great day!

Past Release

Release 1.2.2

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest update, enhancing your Networked experience. Join, create, and engage with ease as Spaces now support multiple Admins. Enjoy immersive Media Center & Career Opportunities pages. Improved Direct Messages & Onboarding Checklist make interactions seamless. Check user status on the Directory page & explore diverse communities. Format posts with videos, fonts, and bullets on Community Profile. Faster load speed and more! Embrace these enhancements for an even better Networked experience!

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