As a highly curated and exclusive community, Beyond Board is on a mission to transform the landscape of executive leadership and board memberships. Our commitment to peer-to-peer networking, renowned thought leadership, and board opportunities has reshaped the traditional approach to recruiting, fostering a community that empowers diversity and inclusivity in the boardroom.

Executive Leadership

At Beyond Board, we leverage the power of Networked. This powerful platform has become the backbone of our online community, supporting us in reaching new heights in our journey to bring more diversity to boards and executive leadership. With Networked, our community fosters meaningful connections, facilitate insightful discussions, and open doors for talent that might have otherwise remained undiscovered.

Networked intuitive interface enables our members to engage in rich conversations, share valuable insights, and forge valuable relationships that transcend geographical boundaries. The power of community has never been more evident as we witness board members and executives collaborating and championing diversity together.

One of the most impressive features of Networked is its ability to curate content and thought leadership within our community. We have harnessed this capability to spotlight diverse perspectives, highlight innovative ideas, and inspire our members to think beyond the conventional. This has not only enriched our members’ knowledge but has also encouraged them to drive positive change in their respective boardrooms and organizations.

Networked has helped us foster a safe and respectful space ensures that each member’s voice is heard and valued, regardless of their background or experience. This has been a vital element in creating a supportive environment that nurtures growth, promotes equality, and celebrates diversity.

The platform’s robust features and user-friendly interface have empowered us to build a thriving community that thrives on the exchange of ideas and the celebration of diversity. Beyond Board is proud to leverage the capabilities of Networked, and is working to create a more inclusive and empowered future, where boardrooms are reflective of the world’s diverse talents and perspectives.


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