Empowering Women In Business: HerClub’s Solution to Golf Networking Challenges

We’re proud to be working with HerClub community. Their dedication to addressing challenges faced by women in corporate resonates with our mission to provide a supportive platform on Networked.

By offering a space where women can build skills, confidence, and interest related to golf, both on and off the green, we aim to contribute to their professional growth. Together, we look forward to continued success and the ongoing development of this vibrant community.

Women in Business

What Is “HerClub”?

HerClub is a community that was launched to solve a major problem in corporate America: women who are missing out on critical networking opportunities, specifically the ones happening on the golf course.

Because a lot of women don’t have the knowledge and sometimes interest in golf, leads to a lack of confidence on the green and sometimes in business. HerClub was designed to change all of that. This community motivates women to find an edge by building their skills, confidence, and interest related to the game of golf, off the green, so they can maximize opportunities on the green. Not only is HerClub a step for every woman looking to own their career, it’s also a community to keep them energized.

If you are interested to join their awesome community here’s the link 👇

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How Networked Is Supporting Their Vision?

Networked provides a dedicated platform for HerClub to grow their unique community. Inside the platform members of HerClub are actively participating in discussions, sharing insights, and creating a supportive environment. By leveraging Networked, HerClub ensures that women are connected, continuously learning, and enhancing their golf-related skills, ultimately maximizing opportunities both on and off the green. It’s a powerful partnership dedicated to empowering women in their careers and keeping the HerClub community energized.

If you’re curious to learn how Networked can bring your community to life, click the link below and book a demo. Let’s make your professional journey extraordinary!

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